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Ultimate Wonka Party Guide
After searching the internet for several days, researching the best ideas for my daughter's Wonka Party, I decided to share them with everyone, since I personally know we all try to give our children the best of the best and have so little time. The Ultimate Wonka Party Guide consists of the best ideas I have found on the web, most of which I have personally tried or created for my daughter's party. It includes game and prize ideas, activities, printables, cake ideas, and most importantly, creative decorating ideas, since we all know it is almost impossible to purchase props for this theme party. Most ideas are easy and not too time consuming and a few take time and planning. But there are so many ideas for you to choose from that I'm sure you'll find it very useful.

Wonka Contract:
This is a reproduction of the original contract from the first Willy Wonka movie. Feel free to print it for all the guests to sign as they enter your party. Print on regular sized paper as is and mount it onto a piece of bristol board or have it blown up to poster size.

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